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Have fun and educate the little ones in your life with Math Facts Bingo from Pint-Size Scholars! Bingo is a valuable teaching tool for any classroom, and a great game for parties and family game nights. Our Bingo sets accommodate up to 36 players per round, and thanks to their 3x3 grid, have a whopping 15 ways to play. (We've even included special rules for Reverse Bingo, which brings the total up to 30!)

We've designed our Math Facts Bingo from the ground-up to be extra enriching. Not only does it include both Addition and Subtraction, but every call card has multiple equations, and there are two difficulties of call cards! Call basic equations for early learners, or try out the advanced equations with your best mathematicians. This set comes in a sturdy storage box and includes 36 Bingo cards; small Bingo chips (for extra card visibility); big, visible calling cards; and a masterboard to guide you through the game.

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