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  • This plush is approx. 8.5" x 10.5" x 6.5" in size.
  • Made from deluxe materials for a cloud-like softness!
  • This adorable highland cow plush is designed to be similar to the shape of a potato (spud)
  • Has a filling as fluffy as your favorite mashed potatoes
  • Free from bean pellets, suitable for all ages


Hamish Highland Cow from the Spudsters Collection is here to enchant you with his potato-shaped body and fluffy Highland charm. This highland cow plush is a fusion of softness and whimsy, designed to be the perfect cuddly friend for all ages. Hamish's unique look, with a fluffy mane and soft fur, makes him an irresistible gift for plush lovers and a must-have for any collection. Bring a piece of Highland magic into your home with Hamish, the plush cow that promises to be your cozy companion for years to come. Established in 1981, Aurora World is a renowned global leader in plush toys and high-quality gift products. They offer a wide range of branded and licensed products for both children and adults, distributed through various retailers worldwide. With over 35 years of experience, we have helped spark imaginations through our diverse line of plush toys. In recent years, Aurora World has made a significant move towards eco-friendly practices. Utilizing recycled materials they have made triumph in reducing their environmental impact. Their ultimate goal remains to bring smiles to people around the world while contributing to a greener future.
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