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Carrera DTM Speed Memories

Carrera DTM Speed Memories

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Carrera 30015 DTM Speed Memories, Digital 132 Set with Wireless Controllers

Total Track Length: 23.95 ft (7.3 meters)

Dimensions when Assembled: 10 x 5.57 ft (305 x 170 cm)

1x C
arrera BMW M4 DTM "B.Spengler, No.7"  (30986)

1 x Carrera Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM "P.Wehrlein, No.94" (30987)

11 x Standard Straights (20509)
8 x 1/60 Curves (20571)

1 x Control Unit (30352)
2 x Wireless Controllers (10111)
1 x Digtial wireless double charging station (10113)
1 x Double Lane Change Section (30347)
1 x Wireless Receiver (10112)

1 x 14.8 Volt Transformer
Spare Contact Brushes
Guard Rail
Track Connection Clips

Scale of Track: 1/24

Scale of Cars: 1/32

It is possible to use wired and wireless controllers together on a Digital 132/124 set.  If combining wired and wireless controllers you can use a maximum of 2 wired controllers.  Any other contollers added (up to 6 total) would need to be wireless.

The Carrera DIGITAL 132 'DTM Speed Memories' set promises a genuine clash of the titans. Two proven winners rumble out for this contest: The BMW M4 DTM 'B. Spengler, No.7' and the Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM 'P. Wehrlein, No. 94'. Both drivers have already been overall winners of the DTM series, but success in championship racing in your lounge is up to the handset skill you and your friends bring to the track.

Control handsets are provided as standard in WIRELESS versions for complete freedom of movement around the circuit. You and your friends show off your supercharged driving skills around the bends and long straights of this 7.3-metre racing circuit. Racing enthusiasts aged 8 and upwards will love everything about these DTM gems.


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