O.P. Taylor's, "The Coolest Toy Store on the Planet!". The original store, located in beautiful downtown Brevard, North Carolina, is over 6000 square feet of fun and hands on excitement. There IS a reason that O.P.Taylor's continues to be the #1 toy store in the south, come and experience it for yourself!

Our State Magazine
 featured O.P. Taylor's in their Christmas issue last December. Probably the best article written about the nut case that started all of this.  The "Our State" story really captures the insanity, emotions and A.D.D. that effects John Taylor. Even John's mother agreed, the story described her son perfectly, you have to believe someones mother!

O.P. Taylor's in downtown Greenville South Carolina has been open since 2002 and is the "mini me" of O. P. Taylor's in Brevard. At less than 3000 square feet it is the smallest store, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in fun! Mr. Bill "oh no" has been the master elf and head merry maker since the beginning in Greenville. After teaching hight school students for over 30 years Bill ("Mr. G" to his old students) came to O.P. Taylor's to work a little during the summer break...and never left! It is fun to see Bills old high school students, all grown up, brining their children to the "collest toy store on the planet" to see "Mr. G". The Greenville O.P. Taylor's is located next to Mast General store between the Hyatt and Windham Hotels.

O.P. Taylor's in Asheville North Carolina continues the craziness that the other stores started 25 years ago! The new Biltmore Park was an opportunity to start with an empty box (a really nice empty box) and design an incredible toy store from scratch. The amazing, always smiling Katrina was stolen from Brevard store to head up the new adventure in Asheville. You can't miss the store once in Biltmore park even though there is not a sign, there are 20 foot tall toy soldiers guarding the front door. Once passed the guards, every toy that you ever wanted as a child in one giant room full of fun. The staff is way more than willing to demonstrate a toy for you...they will insist that you play with them.

All of the O.P. Taylor's stores are strategically located near terrific restaurants and other fascinating stores, so make a day of it and visit one of our stores, or get up early and make it a trifecta and visit all three. We can't wait to see you! 


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